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                International Workshop University and Industry for Regional Development: New Trends in an International Perspective

                International Workshop

                University and Industry for Regional Development: New Trends in an International Perspective

                June 27, 2012

                                 In cooperation with:





                within the framework of the 2012 Regional Studies Association global conference in Beijing


                             (是中ω 科院地理所組織的區域研究學會國際學術大會後在北航召開的有關區域創新問題的小型研討會)


                Beihang University (Beijing University for Aeronautics and Astronautics)

                XueYuan Road No.37,HaiDian District



                This one-day workshop is held under the umbrella of the Regional Studies Association(a learned society concerned with the analysis of regions and sub national issues, that is represented in nearly 50 countries worldwide with almost 1000 members) and of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in the occasion of the Regional Studies Association (http://www.regional-studies-assoc.ac.uk/) global conference in Beijing (June 24-26).

                The workshop is jointly organized and sponsored by Beihang University in Beijing, the Grenoble School of Management – GEM () and the Institute of Management of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa ().

                The workshop takes the opportunity of the RSA global conference to share and discuss some of the themes of the international research in regional studies with a qualified group of Chinese scholars and researchers especially in technical and managerial sciences, business representatives and civil servants.

                The workshop will focus on the new approaches to the relationship between high education, research and regional development and their relevance to understand the dynamics of innovation systems in regions.

                The working language will be English.


                Session 1: Conceptualizing innovation systems and platforms

                Session 2: Universityindustry cooperation and regional development: the new trends

                Session 3: Discussion and concluding remarks


                · David Bailey, Professor of International Business Strategy and Economics, Coventry Business School (UK) and Chair, Regional Studies Association

                · Jean Jacques Chanaron, Research Director, CNRS and Chief Scientific Advisor, GEM (France)

                · Graham Meadows, former Director General for Regional Policy, European Commission

                · Nicola Bellini, Professor, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna,.


                1 Andy Pike, Professor of Local and Regional Development, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University (UK): “Innovation and regional development: old and new approaches”

                2 Andrew Beer, Director, Centre for Urban & Regional Planning, University of Adelaide (Australia): “Economic Restructuring, Regional 'Visioning’ and the Role of Universities”

                3 Mike Danson, Professor in Scottish & Regional Economics, Business School, University of the West of Scotland (UK): “The role of Regional Development Agencies”

                4 John Tomaney, Professor of Regional Development Studies and Director, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS), Newcastle University (UK): “The University and the Region: An Australian perspective”

                5 Paolo Rizzi, Director, Laboratory on the Local Economy, Catholic University, Piacenza (Italy): “The Design of Regional Innovation Systems: the case of Emilia Romagna region”

                6 Mick Dunford, Professor of Economic Geography, University of Sussex (UK): “Innovation systems of Europe and China in comparative perspective”

                中方學者發言主題待定,希望與會中方學者就最新的研究思想和主題發表看法;(如有意向,請在 6 5 日前報名並ㄨ告知發言主題)



                北京航空航天大學經濟管理學院 陳向東教授↓


                手機: 13810797804